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We provide clients with the flexibility of hiring a Project Manager to act as either representative, contractor or guide. We identify key objectives and align our client’s goals to enable successful project delivery from pre-construction to completion.

Construction, Renovation, Alteration and Paint

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Whether you’re building needs are large or small, from renovations and alterations of existing homes to construction of new homes we ensure you of excellent workmanship and attention to detail, from pre-construction to completion.

Awesome Support Clients

Awesome Support

Grobler Construction strives to exceed our client’s expectations and needs at all times, throughout the process, we keep in mind the client’s vision and deliver that vision, ensuring a proper project is delivered and the expectations are exceeded.


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"I contacted Grobler Construction for a quote on a relatively small job, and they immediately reacted. In fact, they phoned me and said that they had a team available the next day, and if it would suit me. Of course it did! The next morning the most competent group of men moved in, and did a sterling job of painting my entire house in two days - including scraping of paint where no primer was used previously, and priming before painting again. What a delight! They not only cleaned up whatever mess the job created, but also swept all the paving around the house. I cannot be happier! I have previously contacted numerous contractors for another job, and most of them did not even return to me - something that I simply cannot understand in this day and age when work is scarce! Thank you SO much, Grobler Construction, for an excellent job!"

N. Botha

"I cannot begin to say how happy I am with my experience with Grobler Construction. The changes and process were amazing. I never felt forced or pressured into making decisions, but were encouraged to make decisions about my home that I would enjoy and benefit from. Grobler Construction has gone above and beyond with giving guidance, answering questions, and just making the process stress free and exciting. I would highly recommend Grobler Construction to anyone looking to renovate or paint a new home or existing home. You will be 100% satisfied with your decision!"

T. Geldenhuys

Current Residential Project

Our Current Residential Property Project in Stellenbosch

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